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Luxury Home Builders

JRH Properties, LLC specializes in custom home building, renovation of existing homes, and land for sale in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. We take pride in our meticulous care for the details to ensure each home provides the right combination of location, high quality finishes, efficiency, and maximizes the use of the square footage available.

Currently Building in St. Charles

Prairie Lakes Subdivision

Prairie Lakes subdivision offers a beautiful and convenient location on the west side of St. Charles featuring several lakes with fountains, more than 100 acres of open space and peaceful walking paths. There are 150 custom home sites in Prairie Lakes and each new custom home has to undergo a strict architectural review -- ensuring the integrity of the subdivision's property values. 

5N287 Switchgrass LN

Project : Completed and ready to move in
Location: St. Charles, IL  (Lot 111)
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Project image

Currently Building in Glen Ellyn

Welcome to The Village of Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Glen Ellyn has many times been compared to the idyllic towns and villages of New England, which is based not only on the striking landscape of rolling hills and tree lined streets that were etched from the melting glaciers but by the warmth of the community. The focal point and meeting place for this community has been Lake Ellyn Park. This 10 acre site is host to 4th of July activities including the cardboard boat races, ice skating, walking paths and numerous festivals. 


Project : Under Construction
Location: Glen Ellyn, IL
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Available Lots in St. Charles


3/4+ Acre Lots That Are 130 Feet Wide

1/2+ Acre Lots That Are 110 to 131 Feet Wide
Lot #96 is 25,840 sq. ft. 136'x190' (Corner lot)
Lot #87 is 23,380 sq. ft. 123'x190' (Possible look-out basement, backs to open space)
Lot #88 is 23,380 sq. ft. 123'x190' (Possible look-out basement, back to open space)
Lot #24 is 20,925 sq. ft. 110'x190' (Backs & sides to open space)


Lots Available   Lots Sold


609 Fairview Ave
Glen Ellyn, IL

609 Fairview Ave<br>Glen Ellyn, IL

39W334 Longmeadow Lane
St. Charles, IL

   39W334 Longmeadow Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

39W557 Longmeadow Lane
St. Charles, IL

39W557 Longmeadow Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

39W765 Goldenrod Dr
St. Charles, IL

39W765 Goldenrod Dr<br>St. Charles, IL

234 May Ave
Glen Ellyn, IL

234 May Ave<br>Glen Ellyn, IL

39W384 Longmeadow Lane
St. Charles, IL

39W384 Longmeadow Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

5N307 Switchgrass
St. Charles, IL

5N307 Switchgrass<br>St. Charles, IL

39W260 Longmeadow Lane
St. Charles, IL

39W260 Longmeadow Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

5N238 Switchgrass Ln
St. Charles, IL

5N238 Switchgrass Ln<br>St. Charles, IL

39W464 Longmeadow LN
St. Charles, IL

39W464 Longmeadow LN<br>St. Charles, IL

39W192 Longmeadow Lane
St. Charles, IL

39W192 Longmeadow Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

39W364 Longmeadow Lane
St. Charles, IL

39W364 Longmeadow Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

5N258 Switchgrass Lane
St. Charles, IL

5N258 Switchgrass Lane<br>St. Charles, IL

355 Spring Ave
Glen Ellyn, IL

355 Spring Ave<br>Glen Ellyn, IL

810 Highview
Glen Ellyn, IL

810 Highview<br>Glen Ellyn, IL

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